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Welcome to Tipikli Life, your one-stop destination for exceptional products that are both ingenious and practical, adding a touch of dynamism to your everyday life without taking up too much space! Each season, we bring you a selection of must-have products. Don't miss our video demonstrations, which will show you all the tricks and features of our products. You can order them online or visit us at our exclusive events, where you can watch a live demonstration.

Our flagship product, The Grater, is a small ceramic grater that will revolutionise your culinary experience by allowing you to grate garlic, ginger, fruit and vegetables, cheese, chocolate and much more. It's a true Swiss Army knife for the kitchen! But that's not all! Since April, we've been launching an even more incredible version, The Grater Large, specially conceived and designed by us in Belgium, to expand the possibilities of this marvellous invention. We're pushing the limits of the grater by integrating it into a dish that can also be heated in the microwave! We're also creating special recipe books to help you get the most out of The Grater.

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The Grater

Ceramic grater

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Fruit Water

Healthy and refreshing

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